Anxiety and Depression are illnesses

Anxiety & Depression: A Constant Battle for Happiness

I guess it's not bad to make some personal post now and then. So, here it goes. I have severe ...
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Adam West dies at 88 years old

Adam West passes away at 88 Years Old

The world lost an amazing Icon today. Adam West, someone I honestly consider the first real Live action Batman, passed ...
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Art Student's Prom Dress Goes Viral

Art Student’s Prom Dress goes Viral on Twitter

In Jacksonville, Florida, a young woman decided to make a bold and beautiful statement of creative individuality. She decided to ...
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Painted Parking Spaces

Painted Parking Spaces: The Creative Senior Class of 2017

Becoming a High School Senior can be quite the adventure. You're finally old enough to really start figuring yourself out ...
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Viral Memes Turned into Fine Art

Viral Memes Turned into Fine Art by Artist Alim Smith

Artist Alim Smith has been giving some Viral Memes the Fine Art Treatment and I love it. He is taking ...
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Illegal Use of Art: McDonald’s & The Bushwick Collective

For artists, the things we create are our livelihood. Being able to say when and where our artwork can and ...
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modern art prank

Modern Art Prank: The Lonely Pineapple

The thing about the term "modern art" is that it's a really vague term. Since it depends entirely on the ...
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Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

Comic Book characters come with a vast array of different skills, powers, and assets. Super strength, the ability to fly, ...
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Susan Champeny

Susan Champeny: An Example of Creative Work Ethic!

When The Female Gaze posted this piece about Susan Champeny, it was the image that really caught my eye. I ...
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