Who is Leanore?

Photograph of Leanore
Leanore is somewhere in her 20’s in age and will likely continue to say as such well into her 50’s. Born D’Anna Leanore King, she spent the majority of her life in and around her birthplace of Austin, TX. Thanks to familial ties; she managed to travel almost every summer for the better part of her youth. However, she doesn’t think it’s anything to brag about. Some of the most fond and vivid memories she has of those travels would be the many art and history museums that she has had the pleasure of visiting over the years. The rest likely involved an arcade or comic book shop.

She’s an Artist.

Leanore is a passionate artist who is eager to learn and grow her craft. All of the wonderful and various things that can be used to create beautiful works of art in the world is a constant source of great fascination for Leanore. Always excited to try knew techniques and methods; she has a very fluid style to her artwork. Her mood and currently interests often reflect strongly in her works. From the tiniest doodle on the edge of a notebook, to the grandest full-scale painting, Leanore puts a bit of herself into every piece.

She Designs and Illustrates too!

Even with a strong creative drive; it is impossible to ignore that Leanore has a way with technology. So, it was only natural that once introduced to the world of MS Paint and Photoshop, she excelled in created works of art in the digital age. With a natural eye for balance and an aptitude for color harmony; Leanore can create a technically thought out and beautifully visual logo or corporate branding package in almost no time at all! Naturally, it can be assumed that her digital illustration skills are also quite “out of this world”.


Leanore has always loved video games, arcades, graphic novels, comic books, manga, anime and just about anything else that might come to mind when you hear the word “nerd”. There was a time in her life when she pretended not to be as passionate about these things as she is. However, time as passed and the world is far more accepting of the nerdy members of society. You could say that Leanore was a nerd before it was cool.