Art Student’s Prom Dress goes Viral on Twitter

Art Student's Prom Dress

@altjadyn– Art Student’s Prom Dress

In Jacksonville, Florida, a young woman decided to make a bold and beautiful statement of creative individuality. She decided to use her prom dress to share her amazing personality. Then, when it hit twitter, this art student’s prom dress went viral. Which, given the amazing detail she accomplished, is not exactly surprising.

This is actually the second year in a row that the current senior at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jadyn Duguyd, has made a statement like this. I love that she has done this more than once. Being an art student is clearly a big part of who she is, and I could not be more supportive!

Last year, she donned a lovely re-purposed dress that she had painted as an homage to Vincent Van Goh’s “Starry Night” painting. The way she managed to recreate the image so beautifully on the fabric of the dress is amazing. It’s a true testament to her passion as an artist. She accurately recreated the colors and shapes and feeling of the original painting. She even painted her date’s tie! That’s a great way to make sure you coordinate.

This Art Student’s Prom Dress 2017

For this most recent year, her senior prom, this young woman decided to recreate the famous painting ‘The Scream‘. The vibrant and warm color scheme for the painting translated so well onto the dress that it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t something she bought online. The tones of the painting go so well with her skin tone and her hair-color (at the time) that it’s impossible to imagine that it wasn’t all perfectly planned. 

Once again, she also painted the tie of her date to the prom. Making them the dynamic duo in fully coordinated awesomeness two years in a row!

It’s not hard to see why this particular artist’s work went so viral so quickly. It’s well done and beautiful, and worn by a lovely young lady.

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