Art: 10 Things You Can Learn from other Artists

Marymax Art

The art world is a complex animal. It’s a very common misconception that, in order to be a successful artist, you have to be in constant “competition” with other artists. The truth is, the people we’ve been looking at as competitors can actually be some of our greatest assets. The things that you can learn from other artists is actually quite incredible. It’s also partially the motivation behind my “What is an Artist?” series. In fact, I actually went back and forth on whether or not to include this post in that category. 

What I really mean

When I say “things you can learn from other artists” I am not just talking about tips and tricks and tutorials. There are some fundamental things that we sometimes fail to realize on our own. That is what can be learned by observing other artists. I love studying other artists. I find great joy in seeing what they do and how they do it. It’s not just about what they create. It’s more so the journey they take to get there, and what they do afterwards, that really fascinates me. I hope that this list of things you can learn from other artists proves to be useful to you. I am always eager to help other artists learn and grow.

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