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This is the main page for my Art Viewing Galleries and things of that nature. There will, eventually, be various examples of the different styles and mediums that I am proficient with. These galleries are to serve as both a source of entertainment and fun for my fans and followers, but also a portfolio of work for potential future clients and customers. My work is still available in print form and on various merchandise on Redbubble and other webstores. However, I am always available for commission for custom artwork, designs or illustrations.

I will still continue to post individually for each new piece of art I choose to share on the site. However, I figured that creating some visually appealing places that you can easily browse the artwork I’ve created and posted. Think of it sort of like my digital portfolio. I suppose that’s what it will eventually be. For now, I’m still populating everything on this website enough for me to actually feel super proud of it. I’m likely to just keep it at “viewing galleries” rather than “portfolio” for a while. I’m going to try to organize everything by medium and/or style in order to help people find the sort of examples of my work that they are looking for.

Ideally, this website would help potential clients and customers discover me and my artwork. So they can choose to enlist my services for one purpose or another. The big dream, after all, is to support myself and my family entirely with the income of my art and creative efforts. I am incredibly versatile when it comes to my capabilities. I hope to properly showcase all of my various artistic talents and skills in a way that better promotes my over all marketability.

Anyway, Take a look around and hopefully you’ll like what you see!