What is an Artist?: Concerns of a Creative Mind

Sometimes, I find myself really thinking about what it means to be an artist. This sort of philosophical journey into the inner depths of my creative mind usually leads to some pretty interesting pieces. However, the journey there can sometimes be troubling.

I often wonder what really validates an artist as an artist. Is it something that someone decides on their own that they are and self declares it to be so? Or is it something that needs constant reassurance as fact to remain a truth? Am I an artist because I make images? Or am I an artist because I have been paid to create “art”? Does the market value of my work define my success as an artist? Or is it something only I can define for myself? Is my Creative Mind enough to validate me as an artist?

It’s hard to struggle with the validity of a passion. Is art just nothing more than a hobby for me? Can something that is so encompassing a part of my life really ever be a simple as a hobby? If I wasn’t so scared, would I be able to make it on my talent alone if I quit my day job and really focused? Was it my lack of work ethic that held me back before? Or did a purposely look for distractions because I was more afraid of success than failure?

These are just a few of the questions and fears that sometimes creep into my mind and make it hard to sleep at night. I’m sure I’m not alone either. I can’t imagine that there isn’t another struggling artist out there somewhere that can relate to having a restless creative mind. If nothing else, maybe this post will find them and reassure them of the same thing.

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