Artist Interview: CriticismandPotatoes

art by CriticismandPotatoes

The first artist that I asked to help me out with my “What is an Artist?Project is an instagram artist by the username of criticismandpotatoes. I was initially captivated by this artist’s work because of the hard-hitting and provocative nature of the artwork I was seeing on their instagram feed. This artist creates very bold political and societal statements with these elegantly simple, yet entirely complex illustrations. I was intrigued and interested to know more about the mind behind these artworks. The whole idea behind this project is to find out what makes other artists feel like an artist. Initially I was worried about how other artists would respond, but was pleasantly surprised at the responses I received.

With this particular artist, I got very lucky. I was asking very difficult to answer questions of someone I was to find out was not only young, but also hailed from a country that doesn’t natively speak English. So, immediately I was even more concerned. Not only was I having to deal with a language barrier, but there was the real possibility of a generational gap causing issues with the flow of the interview. Thankfully, neither concern turned out to be an issue at all. What I got was an amazing in depth interview with a young artist that is very passionate about what they do and why they do it.

Who is “criticismandpotatoes”?

Criticismandpotatoes, as I mentioned before, is an instagram artist. Relatively new to the insta-artist scene, there is already a growing fan base for this artist’s work. Born to the name Gabriel de Oliveira Alves, but going by the moniker “Sabbah”, this artist hails from beautiful land of Brazil. During the time of this interview, Sabbah is only 17 years old. However, the level of maturity that this artist exhibits is astounding and worth remarking on.

I should also warn that the artwork near the end of this article may not be appropriate for work. So I recommend viewing this article on your phone, tablet, or personal computer.

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