Leni Laust Chibi (High Speed Art Video)

I created Leni Laust, the anthropological cat-girl, when I was 13 years old.
She reappears frequently in my artwork and is almost entirely why I dyed my hair pink.

I realize that by now I should have probably out grown this particular original character, but I haven’t. She has evolved from a sort of “alter ego” that I used to cope with anxiety. Now, she almost just me with cat ears. Leni Laust is a play on my actual name. I’m sure most of you figured that out by now. “Leni”, being short for Leanore; and “Laust”, obviously being a phonetic spelling of Lost. Until recently, I hadn’t ever had legitimately pink hair. So it was a fantastical idea of who I wished I could be. I guess I have slowly been becoming that person since I created her. If I could get my hands on some of those cat ears that move with your brain waves… I think the transformation might be close to complete.

I created this version of her a while back because I wanted to play with the chibi art style. There was something about the purposeful distortion of proper proportions that caught my attention. Everyone and everything looks like a baby or child in this style. I’m not sure if that’s the intention but is certainly makes me think it’s adorable. I’ve even found myself doing chibi doodles of characters you would never expect to see being “cute”. I’m really bad about getting all of my artwork documented and showcased. I thought it would be fund to do Leni in this style because I had found myself hyper-sexualizing her. I wanted to add more dimension to her as a character.

At any rate; I hope you enjoy this video of my digitally creating a Chibi version of Leni Laust. I know I enjoyed creating it for you to enjoy. 

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