Modern Art Prank: The Lonely Pineapple

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The Modern Art Prank posted to Twitter

The thing about the term “modern art” is that it’s a really vague term. Since it depends entirely on the creative intentions of the “artist”, it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t suppose to be a work of art. Unfortunately, that’s what makes it so easy for people like the young men in this situation to pull off a modern art prank. This one just happens to involve a pineapple. I’m having trouble with how I feel about this prank.

I’ll admit, it’s funny. The story actually caught my attention because the word “prank” usually  leads you to assume that you’re going to get a laugh out of it. Unfortunately, I found myself questioning myself the more I giggled. What does it say about me as an artist? Does the fact that I found this even the least bit entertaining make my insights into the art world less valid?

Once I realized how much this particular little modern art prank had me all worked up, I had to know more. So, I legit looked into the events that lead up to the whole event. I know, that makes me sound like a crazy person. Unfortunately, I’m totally okay with that. So, make what you will of that.

Who Perpetrated the Modern Art Prank?

The Images were initially posted to twitter account belong to Lloyd Jack. The Pineapple was actually placed in the art display by Ruiari Gray, a student at Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Neither one of the people involved actually have any real interests in art, modern or otherwise. Which might be a good reason to take offense to the prank in general. Which is why I’m still sort of horrified that I found it so funny.

What inspired the Prank?

Apparently, the pineapple wasn’t purchased with the intention of being used for this particular prank. To make matters worse, they had originally gotten the pineapple with the intentions of using it to prank a friend that was allergic to pineapples. Left with a lack of ideas on what to do with the pineapple next, they happened to be walked past the art festival. They decided to casually place the fruit near some exhibits to “see how long it would stay before someone took it”. Four days later, they came back to find that the fruit had been moved into a heavy glass display case.

I’m not sure what is worse, the initial intentions of the pineapple, of how embarrassed the curators of the exhibit must have felt upon realizing their mistake. The fact that the images and story have gone so viral may even make the whole thing more upsetting.

What do you think?

Personally, as funny as the initial impression I had was, the more a read about the entire event the more upset it made me. These were two people that clearly have no respect for the creative minds of artists. They found it funny to make a mockery of the entire artistic world. Even going to far as to suggest they should get an honorary art degree for their efforts. 

Do you find this modern art prank offensive? Do you find it funny? What are your thoughts on the implications this has on the modern art community? Contact me or Drop a Comment and Share your thoughts!

One Reply to “Modern Art Prank: The Lonely Pineapple”

  1. I’m troubled by the obvious lack of respect for art as well, though I think most peoples’ disdain is toward its patrons — like the guy who paid a million bucks for a gold-plated toilet exhibit, for instance. Unfortunately it’s the artists who suffer the fallout. If someone has a desire to create art and it involves a gold-plated toilet (or a pineapple), why should it anger us so? (For that matter, why should it anger us if someone wants to pay a million dollars for it?)

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