Painted Parking Spaces: The Creative Senior Class of 2017

Painted Parking Spaces

West Orange High School’s Painted Parking Spaces

Becoming a High School Senior can be quite the adventure. You’re finally old enough to really start figuring yourself out and expressing yourself. If you’re one of the lucky few with your own car, you may even get assigned your very own parking space. Many High schools all over the country are allowing their seniors to express themselves artistically within their parking space. These Painted Parking Spaces went Viral all over twitter as the senior class of 2017 showed off their handy work. Many parents participated in decorating their students’ spaces as well. Making the posts on social media range from proud parents, to the emotional reality checks of the onset of adulthood. Then, the retweets started.

Why the Painted Parking Spaces are Awesome.

The arts are widely known as the most underfunded department of most high schools. That being said, the allowance and encouragement for these students to paint their parking spots is a sign that students are still able to find ways to express themselves. Creativity is an under-nurtured trait in most youths. Young artists often giving up their passions for more “practical” life paths is truly heartbreaking for me.

Encouraging young minds to do something creative is always something I will be eager to support. I’m proud to say that one of the High schools that is going viral because of these painted parking spaces is James Bowie High, right here in Austin, Texas. I try to think of Austin as an artistic town, so stuff like this makes me happy to see.

Check out the following pages to see some of the Awesome painted parking space designs these seniors came up with!

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