Painting a Pretty Face [High Speed Art Video]

This digital painting was inspired by a beautiful woman, and kick-ass mom, named Victoria.

About this Painting

This woman is absolutely stunning. She is a friend of mine and I have always thought she was just amazing. This is not the only digital piece that I have done of Victoria either. You can also find a few different pieces that feature her lovely face and figure in my DeviantArt Gallery. She has had quite a few different hair colors over the years. I think the green suits her the best. I think she agrees because it seems to be the color she has been drawn back to and stuck with the longest. Her striking features and charismatic smile have a lot to do with my I enjoy using her as a model so often.

I created this painting using Adobe Creative Suite 6 and a Wacom Bamboo Digital Art Tablet. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how long I actually spent working on it. I know that I didn’t spend as much time painting it as I should have. This image was created much like I would have done with any of the traditional mediums and I didn’t rely very heavily on digital tricks and shortcuts. I like to take advantage of the convenience and money saving factors of doing painting digitally rather than traditionally. This is entirely because you don’t have to expend resources like markers, canvas or paints to create in a digital atmosphere.

I should have put a little more detail into this painting. This is one of those situations where I am writing this content for this video and picking out all of the things I would like to do better. I suppose that is the constant downfall of the artist. We always seem to end up being our own worst critics!


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