Sea Turtle Painting High Speed Art Video (traditional media)

This is a video of me using acrylic paints to create a lovely sea turtle.

It’s quite obvious by looking at this video that I’m still lacking optimal camera rigging and set up for making these types of videos. I actually filmed this using the webcam on an old Macbook. I had to angle the screen down at a dramatic angle. The video actually had to be flipped before posting or the whole thing would be upside down.

However, I really enjoyed creating this painting. This sea turtle was a commissioned piece for a young man looking for a gift for his girlfriend of the time. She had a fondness for sea turtles. That made selecting the subject matter easy. It took me some time to find the right reference photos for this project. Seeing as how the person that would eventually be in possession of the artwork is familiar with what a sea turtle is suppose to look like, and where it lives; I had to pay close attention to detail.

I should do more (and I don’t mean the sea turtle)

There’s huge part of me that really wants to make more videos like this one. Sure, it’s easier to just load up a screen capture program and record myself doing digital artwork. That’s why this is the only video I have up that features me creating something traditionally rather than digitally. I really do love the way it feels when you put a paintbrush to canvas or paper. It’s so hard to come very close to the sensation of creating physical artwork. I can occasionally simulate the look of a real painting, but the way I feel creating it will always be vastly different. This sea turtle is currently the only thing I have successfully recording myself creating with real paints. I need to work on changing that. 

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