Show your Support: Donations

I treat this website as though it was an ever evolving work of art. I’m always working to make it more entertaining and more readable. Sure, the focus remains my artwork, but it’s pretty obvious that there is more going on than that. This website, and my art, are ways for me to keep myself from falling apart. Expressions of who I am, how I feel, and what I want the world to see or feel. Doing all of that takes time. Sometimes, a little help from a friend is welcomed with open arms.

This page will give you ways to invest in my artwork without having to commit to buying something for yourself. You can choose to make a donation via paypal, or perhaps pay for some equipment or supplies I have had my eye on for awhile via my Amazon wishlist.

Everything means so much to me, even just you being on this website. So, please, do not feel obligated. I love you all.

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