Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

Do you think this list is complete?

Rocket Raccoon is one of the Smartest Comic Book CharactersPersonally, I think that with all the wonderful characters they included in this list they still fell short of a good account of all the smartest comic book characters. It definitely captured a lot of the key mainstream characters we know, and love, for their brains. However, there are a lot of faces I’d expect to see on the list that didn’t make the cut.

Rocket Raccoon, for example, has demonstrated on several occasions that he has an above average intellect for more than just a small mammal. His quick thinking and ability to form a plan and problem solve on the spot has gotten him and his companions out of more than just one close call.

The following pages of this post will talk about who else I think should have made this list and why. Feel free to comment and let me know if I’ve left anyone out, or included someone you don’t think is worthy!

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