Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

A Little Gender Biased

It became pretty clear to me that this list is pretty well dominated by men. In fact, the only female out of all the comic book characters on this list is Barbara Gordon. Yes, as both Batgirl and Oracle she used her genius intellect to make herself a formidable foe for any villain. However, I don’t think that makes her the only female that deserves a spot on this list of smarty pants characters.

It’s easy to see why Barbara would get a little extra spot-light time as a badass lady of comic books. I may be bitter about her being the only female on the list, but I totally agree with her being there in the first place.

She super smart, and a skillful fighter as Batgirl. However, after the tragic events of The Killing Joke, Barbara was rendered paralyzed. That left her brain as the most useful asset she still possessed, as far as crime fighting went anyway. Huge props to DC Comics for proving that even after becoming disabled, a Hero can still be a Hero.

Other Lady-Boss Comic Book Characters

There really isn’t any shortage of amazing female comic book characters. Both villains and hero alike can be found proving that being a bad-ass isn’t gender specific. I’m gonna throw a few names out there that I think would have been able to hang with the boys on this list of smartest comic book characters. Let’s see if you guys agree!

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