Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

Dr. Pamela Isely PhD. (Poison Ivy)

Poison Ivy comic book charactersPamela Isely is for sure someone I would have expected to make it onto this list. Pamela Lillian Isely is the second incarnation of the Poison Ivy character. Her middle name being an homage to the original Poison Ivy that was created in 1966. Originally, Ivy’s real name was Dr. Lillian Rose. Pamela Isely is the current alter ego of the character Poison Ivy.

Ivy has an impressive background. Pamely Isely grew up in a wealthy home with emotionally distant parents. Later, she attended University and studied Botanical Biochemistry under the professor Dr. Jason Woodrue. Being Shy and Timid by nature, she was easily seduced and manipulated by Woodrue. He convinced her to allow him to inject her with all sorts of horrible Toxins and Poisons. This not only caused the transformation into the beautiful force of nature we know as Poison Ivy, but also drove her insane. However, she still manages to become Dr. Pamela Isely, PhD, a successful Botanist in Gotham City in spite of it all.

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