Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

Katherine Anne (Kitty) Pryde (Shadowcat)

Shadowcat, also known as Kitty Pryde, is another comic book character that I think has been underappreciated. Especially when it comes to her intelligence. We all know that she possesses the amazing ability to phase herself, objects, and other people through solid matter. However, many people fail to realize that Kitty is also a genius. Particularly in the fields of computer science and applied technology. She can design and use advanced computer hardware, and is an incredibly skilled pilot.

Kitty Pryde Comic Book CharactersOn top of all that, she is a skilled linguist as well. Being able to fluently speak English, Russian, Japanese, as well as knowledge of Gaelic, Hebrew and German. If Earthly languages weren’t impressive enough, she can also speak the royal standard languages of the alien Skrull and Shi’ar. If all of that doesn’t earn her a place on the list of smartest comic book characters, I’m not sure what would. 

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