Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

Dr. Harleen Quinzel, PhD. (Harley Quinn)

The case of Harley Quinn is a peculiar one, at best. Harleen Frances Quinzel started out as a highly intelligent psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum.  She was destined for greatness in the field of psychiatric studies. That was, however, until she met The Joker.

She soon became obsessed with him. The more she sat with him in an effort to analyze and understand him, the more she convinced her self she could help him. Eventually, she developed an unhealthy love for him. Eager to earn his affections, she repeatedly helps him escape from the asylum. Eventually, when he gets returned to Arkham Asylum badly injured, she dawns her jester costume and assumes her role along side her “Mister Jay”.

It’s clear that she is a woman on high intellectual standing. However, the fact that she is willing to let the Joker treat her as badly as he has and does makes me question things. I know that many people see them as a beautiful and tragic romance. I have problems looking past the clear and obvious abuse. Harley, however, easily dismisses his mistreatment as humor.

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