Comic Book Characters: Who’s the Smartest?

My Pick for Smartest of the Comic Book Characters!


Sage, also known as Tessa, is my personal pick for the most intelligent comic book character. She hails from an unknown war-torn country. She is actually one of the first human mutants that Charles Xavier discovers in the Marvel Universe. She was living in Afghanistan when Xavier, trapped with his legs crushed under debris after a conflict with Lucifer, detects her as a nearby mutant and calls her to his aid using his psychic abilities. 

Not only is Sage highly skilled with weaponry and combat, from her time spent in highly volatile countries, she also possess a wonderfully mutated mind. Her mutation enables her mind to work much like a supercomputer. She has an unlimited capacity for storing knowledge and information. The fact that she can access and recall any of the information she has acquired instantly makes her impossible to out-smart. 

She actually thinks so quickly that she is able to analyze her immediate surroundings and estimate and track and events probability based on known information. She is able to perform simultaneous tasks without any individual task suffering in quality. This is because she is able to segment her thought processes in a way that prevents her from being distracted from any one task while completing another.Her powerful control over he mind even gives her total control over her own body. Any actual that is within her physical capabilities can be recreated after she has seen it performed once. She can even control her heart and breathing in extreme ways. She is able to identify and classify other mutants 

She even possesses mind telepathic abilities. These, combined with her superpowered brain, allow her to detect, analyze and classify other mutants. She can “see” genetic code and DNA sequences and detect mutations before they even become active. Most impressive is her ability to selectively boost and evolve genetic traits. She can even catalyze latent mutants that have not had their powers come to light yet.

I’m saddened that Sage hasn’t gotten very  much spotlight time in the mainstream adaptations of the Marvel Universe. It may be her sheer overpowered abilities that keep studios from taking on her character. However, I think you’ll understand why I believe that Sage is the smartest of the Comic Book Characters.

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