Sunset Hut [High Speed Art Video]

This sunset hut digital painting video features a restricted palette concept.

Initially, this was suppose to be a painting of a red and white lighthouse at sunset. Obviously, that’s not how it ended up. After I had started working on the background of the painting, I realized that I wanted to do the entire thing with yellow, pink, and lavender. So, that’s exactly what I wound up doing. 

The colors made me think of a tropical beach. That’s why the lighthouse turned into a strange sort of grass hut structure. I went with an up close mostly beach-free angle, rather than the rocky coast I was planning on doing for the lighthouse. I do think I would like to revisit the lighthouse idea. I haven’t really experimented with creating a foamy, splashy, rocky, shoreline before. Especially not in a digital environment. I suppose I am visualizing an American eastern coast in my mind.

Sunset Palette

I was totally smitten with the gradient I laid down for the background of my originally intended painting. That’s what inspired me to go in a different direction. However, I quickly realized that it is actually more difficult that I had thought to work within such a heavily restricted pallet of colors. It’s something that I highly recommend other artists experiment with. It’s a great way to grow as an artist if it’s something you don’t already do. I know that I really enjoyed the challenge once I got into a groove.

I also enjoyed sharing this video and artwork with you. I appreciate you taking the time to watch it and read the info below it. I hope that you enjoyed your time spent here. I don’t want to make anyone feel like they have wasted any of their precious time here. The idea is for you to want to come back later. 

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