Susan Champeny: An Example of Creative Work Ethic!

Susan Champeny’s ReinCARnation

ReinCARnation by Susan Champeny

It turns out, this artistic creation was quite the undertaking. This massive creation was created using 63 hubcaps, zip ties, and pool noodles. It was installed in Atlanta, GA as part of a Beltline Art Exhibit in August of 2012. It was on display until November of the same year. I regret not knowing about and actively seeking to see this artistic creation that was born from the creative mind of Susan Champeny while it was on display.

Wildlife Loved it!

frog on hubcap lily pad

©2012 Susan Champeny

It turns out that the hubcap lily pads served their purpose in more ways than one! While photographing the artistic installment, Susan discovered that local frogs were already enjoying her artwork.

Initially, she was irritated by the small green object in her photographs. She had assumed that the little guy was a leaf. Upon further investigation she discovered this adorable frog.

Amazing Work Ethic

If you read the article on The Female Gaze, you’ll see how hard Susan worked to get where she is today. Reading that interview really helped me gain insight on what it means to be an artist. Susan is a true role model for artists that are looking for motivation to keep going. I really suggest taking a peek at the article that introduced me to her. It’s a great read and I bet you’ll find yourself a Susan Champeny fan before you finish!

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