The Tick: Free Comic Book Day Issue Review

The Tick Free Comic Book Day Issue Cover

The Tick © N E Comics Press

I said I would, and I did!

As you already know from my “Free Comic Book Day” post I made this past weekend, I acquired a large number of freebies during the event. As I promised in that post, I am going to start doing personal reviews for each of the issues I picked up. The first of them that is up on the review block is the issue of The Tick that was released for the event. I’ve always loved the Tick so I was really excited to snag this one and check it out. It features two new stories, both of which were written by Jeff McClelland with art by Duane Redhead.

It’s 16 full color, glossy pages with front and back print. That brings the visual content count up to about 32 pages of Tick. That’s including the cover and promos for back issues of the series, which actually don’t occupy as much real estate in the comic book as you’d expect. New England Comics Press didn’t do too shabby this year. The cover does a great job of catching your attention and it leads you to believe that the Tick, himself, may only actually be 3 years old.

Happy Birthday Tick!

Scene from Happy Birthday Tick

The Tick © New England Comics Press

The first new story featured in the Tick 2017 Free Comic Book Day issue puts Arthur and the Tick at a young girl’s birthday party. They, of course, enter in a hilariously chaotic and destructive fashion. Giant ants are involved. You would think that it would be a sure fire way to ruin the party and make everyone throw a fit. Thankfully, everyone seems pretty cool about it. Which leaves us with the Tick’s ever-active curiosity being peaked by the concept of birthdays in general.

Eventually, we end up seeing the Tick throw his own version of a birthday party for himself. Even though he has no idea when his actual birthday is. Truth be told, I enjoyed this little story. It helped me remember the naive wonder that made me fall in love with the Tick as a young girl. Aside from the cover showing the Tick wearing a button that says he is “3 today”, the story doesn’t actually tell you exactly how old the Tick even actually is. However, there’s lots of action and humor. All the back-and-forth dialogue that fans of the franchise have come to expect and love between Tick and Arthur is there. In fact, the dialogue is and always will be one of my favorite things about the Tick.

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